• Reviewed by: aherman86  on: 2018/9/19 14:57:32
    How do I change my password and charge card number for my account with JIN JIN 88?
  • Reviewed by: curt1s26  on: 2018/7/6 15:15:32
    Love this place, always tastes great!
  • Reviewed by: brysoncarte  on: 2018/4/24 10:43:50
    My girlfriend and I ordered food. We called and asked about an item we wanted, ordered it, and when it arrived it was not even close to what we ordered. They delivered us 2 wrong meals.
  • Reviewed by: test  on: 2017/11/22 18:43:44
  • Reviewed by: robby.fremont  on: 2016-10-06T12:56:20.472-07:00
    Delivery took about an hour but food was very good and worth the wait. We asked for changes when we
  • Reviewed by: landservices  on: 2016-05-25T20:15:40.443-07:00
    We love your restaurant. But you forgot to put the hot sauce in my wife's cashew chicken.
  • Reviewed by: lathashal14  on: 2016-04-29T12:20:41
    WORST CHICKEN I have ever ate, order fried chicken and shrimp fried rice, chicken was so over cooked, throw everything in the trash. Well never return here again...
  • Reviewed by: Julifilger01  on: 2016-03-12T22:24:52.466-08:00
    The girl, not yet a woman, needs some CUSTOMER SERVICE training. Also, I recicied WARM Sushi. $60 of
  • Reviewed by: luckylilredhead87  on: 2015-08-14T19:59:08.668-07:00
    Waited over an hour and a half for delivery. Crappy service and they just kept saying it's on the wa
  • Reviewed by: andretty98  on: 2015-08-12T06:37:47
    I ordered for delivery, said I wanted General Tsao's chicken, pronounced it Sow, and got Kung Pow chicken instead! My boyfriend loved his shrimp egg foo young, but I was very disappointed!
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